Most people would not think to use some of these ingredients raw. As your body is 70% water & so is the brain, many of these vegetables contain a lot of water which carries the rich vitamins & minerals from the earth to your plate. Color is important in making any dish more pleasing to the eye & thus you would be more likely to choose this recipe. You can enjoy the benefits as well as the fact that it taste delicious.

Depending on the amount of guests you’ll be feeding, please adjust how much you put in. I tend to overdo & make so much that we eat for a couple of meals(HAHAHA). Has that happened to you? I get in a happy mood & chop too much – the good part about the BEA-LICIOUS ASIAN SALAD is that you can use the left overs to make a STIR FRY & add the protein then. As you notice I serve the dressing & the crunchy cashews separately, so nothing gets soggy & keeps well in the fridge. I also use what’s available fresh in the stores. We live in Fla. so we do get quite a variety all year of almost everything.

to start with a clean surface & ALL the vegetables to be washed well

Baby Bok Choy/Regular Bok Choy/ or tiny Bok Choy – Chop small enough that it doesn’t hang out of your mouth when you take a forkful (if you know what I mean?)
Fresh Corn – Shuck (reserve the cobs for a soup
Napa/regular Green=White Cabbage/Savoy – chop coarsely
Red Cabbage – chop coarsely (this gives it a beautiful splash of color)
Carrots – slice thin (use Food Processor or any pc. of equipment that would slice thin)

Scallions/Fla. Sweet Onion – any of the ones that are bulbs with green tops. – slice thin

Put all the ingredients in a big wide bowl & cover with a parchment sheet or wax paper & refrigerate – to keep crunchy

Soy Sauce & Rice Wine Vinegar = same amt. (depends on amt of salad- 1/4 c. ea. or more)
Sesame Oil (1/2 as much as the Soy & Vinegar- ie:1/4c)
Sweetener – Agave works great – start with a TBSP & taste & add – I use Raw ┬áSugar or
but it doesn’t seem to dissolve so well. You can try Xylotol
White Pepper – sprinkle a touch-you can always add more
Ginger – 1″ peeled
Cilantro- a handful (optional-but it makes it really tasty)
I have squeezed an orange into this mix too

I put all the ingredients in the BULLET (or similar type blender) & let it spin. Taste & adjust ingredients to YOUR liking. When done, put in a nice bottle to serve on the side-shake well before use.

TOAST a handful of RAW CASHEWS & when they are cool, crack them with the bottom of a bottle & put in a serving bowl.

Now get some friends or family or sit down with a good book & munch away.


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