An April Fool’s recipe. BEET “Ravioli”

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day and my son= my assistant, who is helping me get started with this blog posting (it was my birthday present) well, he April Fooled me.  I typed my heart out on my iPad & when we were getting ready to post it was NOT anywhere (agghhh).  He hit CANCEL instead of save. I was so upset that I couldn’t remember anything I wrote except the recipe & even dinner came out yucky last night. Hate when that happens!! Don’t you??

What I do want to let you know is not to be fooled by YOUR gut, your eyes & your mind (they control your urges to eat. What you eat MAKES a difference to you and in you. Just think about how you feel in the  morning when you get/wake up. Sometimes you have boundless energy, other times your fingers feel swollen, you have puffy eyes, maybe a backache or a headache or you feel as if you didn’t sleep a wink, can’t go to the bathroom and feel bloated or full. These symptoms relate to food/drink that you might have a sensitivity to or an  allergy to it.  No April Fooling here.

this recipe is dairy free & vegetarian-using only animal by-product


GOLDEN/RED BEETS –  I cook them in a little water in the toaster oven, covered for 30 min. or til slightly soft @400F. Then when they are cool to the touch, Peel & Sliced thin (I use a mandolin)

GOAT CHEESE (I purchase it at COSTCO because it’s mild, otherwise you will have to mix with cream cheese – to your liking – if it’s too strong-tasting – I use the TOFUTTI brand of non-dairy Cream like Cheese)

SCALLIONS – some people call them green onions, sliced thin

TRUFFLE OIL – any supermarket will carry this item. It’s pricy but you don’t use much (I have more recipes that you will need it for, so get the smallest can/bottle available)


You’re going to make Oreo Cookie like “RAVIOLI” by using one slice of beets & then smear cheese (or cheese mixture) on it & top it with another slice of beets. Depending on what you purchase beet wise, you can mix & match. Sometimes use one color, or do the bottoms red, smear & the top golden. OR some red ones & others golden. PLAY with it. Once all the raviolis are set on the platter, sprinkle the scallions and drizzle the truffle oil and voila, you’re done.  Serve with a flat utensil.

Please enjoy as an appetizer for your cocktail party or bring to a party to share the dish.


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