Overall health is all of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual components. Intangible (to most) occurrences when you are a living human being. I’m reading Iylana Vanzant’s “In the Meantime”. So let’s talk about LOVE. It affects us on all these levels – butterflies in your stomach when they call, a stomach pain when they don’t call. There are many lessons in love. A particular one is that you better really love yourself BEFORE you enter into any relationship. You can always get HAPPY from the outside -winning anything for example, makes us very happy – temporarily, anyway. But JOY comes from the inside. They cannot make you feel anything, til you allow them to. This is so difficult when you’re in the throws of a feud or something with the one you love.

Another good lesson is that THEY are not your Better Half-as many tend to say of their partner/spouse. In a fulfilling relationship YOU ARE A PARTNER. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Your partner should be willing and able to help you cultivate your strengths and develop or eliminate the weaknesses. You can bring AND share your sense of who you are, the value, excitement, passion and purpose you bring. You must share your vision and your abundance of all that you bring into the relationship without the fear of them taking it away from you.This is the definition of LOVE. Ms. Vanzant writes that “you cannot GET love from the outside til you ARE love on the inside”. Simply said, difficult in practice, but practice we must if we want to play in this lifetime. Without a manual, this is it. We make up rules, we listen to others. We leap from a mess, look and find LOVE again, make another mess, til we learn this one lesson- she puts it so well -“Love is our Peace, neither life nor love require us to give up our dignity, self-worth, career, favorite TV show or that good common sense”. When you’re in pain in your relationship, you try to move forward, but like constipation, nothing happens. If you don’t work things out, the relationship becomes more toxic, further poisoning you with insults, turning everything into raging anger, a small argument will lead into the long silent treatment, small hurts become deep wounds. Vanzant puts it straight -“ambivalence, confusion, reluctance, and paralysis, are all characteristics of THE MEANTIME”. That’s where we live, mostly in The Meantime.
What happens to your self-worth when there’s no trust? Admiration and respect go out the door and are replaced by a slow shut down of all of that joy that you came in to share, where nothing is fine, especially not you. All those are intangible things, yet they shape the way we feel, act, sleep, eat, drink, even go to the bathroom(but that’s a whole ‘nother blog.

For today’s recipe, you will need:

Feel your feelings. Are you angry, afraid, fearful, sad, hurt? This is NOT what love feels like. Check the mirror – you can do it. Now take courage and add strength, stir till the self esteem is back. Be flexible with yourself and those in your relationships, because they might not recognize you and you might even scare yourself, that you were actually hiding in there. They might not even like the new you. You have new rules and guidelines by which you’ll conduct yourself and allow others conduct to exist, as you set the new boundaries for respect and tender loving care (further herein referred to as TLC). Compassion and Passion is what you’ve just cooked up. So be proud and strong. This recipe maybe repeated over and over throughout your lifetime.

I wish you Good Health and Abundance, Always and in All Ways.

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