Happy Mothers :-) from Northern Italy


Traveling is so adventurous in many ways. There is, new landscape, then new or different cultures than you are not used to. The food and drink are not your usual either. The weather is always a consideration. It seems that whatever plans I make, it works for me, otherwise I change MY plans. What’s that saying? While you are busy planning, God is laughing. Today, the wind is topping 40 mph. It is not my fave, so I will be doing what I must, write my blog. I was going to “recargare”, means, put more money on my SIM card and of course go to the Open Market to food shop. Where am I, you ask. I am in the North of Italy, a wine region that those lovers of Tuscany might never experience and surely is amiss in their itinerary – Oltrepo Pavese, specifically the village of Cigognola. I am exercising my creativity by finding MY favorite ingredients and creating with them healthy dishes that my friends have never tasted before. What can I say? I am a creature of habit, as most of us are. Through the experiences and adventures we’ve lived, we develop our likes and dislikes and some of us, sometimes are open to try new things. But, in saying this, my friend is feeling that this style of eating is going to bring down his cholesterol, and that’s what my creating is all about. He’s convinced he’s lost weight already, and that’s a very good thing. His wife is so relieved to get a break in the kitchen and I’m so happy to oblige. I scoured the store with their daughter to find the things I want and she buys what she likes. In honor of MOTHERS DAY I am making my Oma’s Chicken Soup – or my interpretation of it. Oma was my beloved maternal Grandmother, who taught me how to cook even though I hated food when I was younger. Fortunately, my kids didn’t inherit this, but my bros’ little one did. Oh boy, I know it can’t be any fun. I remember my Dad having this great idea, to put me in the bathroom to finish my food. Since they didn’t raise a dummy, I realized that I could just make a lot of noise and flush it all down the toilet. Freedom 🙂
In the meantime, I did eat this and it was a favorite of mine. Today I suggest that Kosher or Organic is to your BEST interest but it’s your choice.

The wonderful ingredients I used: (the words after the = sign are ITALIAN)

A whole Chicken- wash in and out = Pollo
Cut up 4 sticks of Celery w/leaves in 4 pcs.=Cedano
Large Onion peeled and cut in half =Cipolla
Some Parsley wound in thread-Prezzemolo
4 Carrots – org. so need to peel=Carote
Salt and Pepper of your preference – there are many Salt Substitutes in the market – to your taste – put less than you think, you can always add more during the cooking. If you have to control your salt intake, buy FRESH FOOD NOT PREPARED, that will take care of it =Sale e Pepe
1 or 2 Bay Leaves- depends on the size of the Chicken. I break it in 1/2 to help release the flavor= Lauro

Put in a pot, bring to a boil, lower heat to simmer an hour, PARTIALLY COVERED.

THE WHOLE house will have a scent of your childhood, when your Nonna made it for you, back then.

Skin and debone the chicken, and put away. Take out all the vegs. and put with a little broth in the blender, Cuisinart, or whatever you use. It will come out like cream of celery and taste awesome (use it for BABY food, or an elderly person, that can’t chew). The Broth is nice served with Brown Rice or any other grain that suits you and Chinese style Mustard and Crunchy something as well as chopped Bok Choy or Savoy or Nappa Cabbaga (whatever you have left over). The Chicken, well you can make: Salad, Fajitas, Quesadillas, Stir Fry, etc. See, you can get get several meals out of this one soup.

MY beautiful daughter wrote a quote from J. Churchill “There is no way to be a Perfect Mother, and a million ways to be a great one”. LOVE IT.


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