Let’s get physical, let’s get physical…

Remember that Olivia Newton-John song?

What gets YOU moving!?
I (this is my blog, after all!), LOVE music. Happy, upbeat, dance music, soft on the heart and mind, but cranked up loud, especially in my little sports car, with the top down, or just the windows down.

When I lived home with my parents and had to do my chores, you wouldn’t believe what I looked like – wish I had a picture to show you all. Music in my ears(the newest thing at the time- you had to be from that era).

Gym(as we called it) was yech (for some of us)!! I never ate much, so being young, I looked good- that was enough for me! What did I know? Everything (or so I thought). Let me get back on track (pun intended). F.I.T. = face it today. You cannot and will not be able to live that reality in your 40s, 50s, and I suspect later on as well, doing business as usual in the fitness department takes commitment and dedication. Couch potaoes should apply.What I mean by that is, your lifestyle is so different perhaps than when you were a young adult, that aging chemical reactions, such as hormones, vitamin and mineral retention like collagen (you’ve all may have heard of that) have diminished to some level. Now to make the recipe for aging more complete, these are some of the most important components you will need:

Life – you just keep having birthdays
Mental condition – a bit tired these days Physical shape – not what it used to be Emotional condition – full baggage

So the good thing is we’re NOT like dogs!!! We can learn new things when we’re older.
I prefer to look at aging as good because the alternative isn’t. I also believe it is good to be striving rather than merely surviving. One great example I live with is that next month for his 65th my husband is climbing to Base Camp of Mount Everest. In His mind he’s fit an prepared for this. I equate this to 100% intention. Ask any athlete, this is key along with preparation. Of course, it helps that he looks at the skinny mirror at home, and as he puts it, I look at the fat mirror.

Henry Ford said it best: ” if you think you can, or if you think you can’t, either way YOU are right” – think about all the choices you make and apply this thought.


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