About Me

I am Beatriz. I enjoy reading magazines and books, both for leisure and learning purposes in the realm of wellness, healthcare, and travel. Each of these areas have been great inspiration, and a driving force for what I now share with others  to assist them in finding balance in their own lives.

My other  interests include dance, listening to children laugh (especially my own!), hearing funny things that make ME laugh, boating early on a  Sunday morning, our wondrous nature, nutritious (and if possible) organic foods and of course, travel .

My goal is to contribute to our society by making a positive difference in people’s lives. I have experience in a myriad of health and wellness related areas such as: acupuncture, personal development, meditation, homeopathy, yoga and more.  I love to share my knowledge and my  aim with this blog is to do so simply and effortlessly.  So you too can begin your journey of discovering what works for you and what doesn’t and understand that there are choices you can make once you’re informed.

I wish you to Spend Every Moment Wisely.

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