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Vegetarian Spinach Cakes

So, it’s not that I haven’t been preparing, cooking nor eating this past week. But I will tell you that blogging is like exercising for me. You have to get used to making time for it and you HAVE to practice writing the blog posts. So, I commit to you and me, that I will be more diligent and focused. For Easter we went out but I made some really good Spinach “cakes”. They’re more like a “burger” or pattie than a “cake”. So this is what you need to make these tasty morsels:

2 lbs. fresh SPINACH – I get the 1 lb. Organic box at COSTCO – the most cost effective
1 med. ONION – minced- I use a gadget for this
2 EGGS beaten
2 TBSP GARLIC minced
1/2 a WHITE SWEET POTATO (red skinned and big)- mashed and cooled(I had this from breakfast the day before. Use what you find in your kitchen)
4 oz. VEGGIE GRATED Parmesan FLAVOR Cheese Alternative – from the Produce area
1 tspn fresh ROSEMARY minced
1/2 cup fresh breadcrumbs ,plus for dredging- I don’t buy bread(I just bring it home when we eat bc they’re supposed to throw it away) I freeze it to use for this purpose. Just toast up really crunchy and cool before putting in Cuisinart to make the crumbs
S and P to taste

This is what you have to do:

OVEN @ 350F

Combine all ingredients and form into patties, dredge in additional breadcrumbs and sautee in small amt. of OO. When completed put on a cookie sheet in oven for 20 min. Until hot inside. I served it with beautiful Florida avocado slices. Or you can use a LITTLE BIT of homemade tomato sauce.
We picked the tomatoes fresh and Organic from the Farm.




Passover “Chopped Vegetarian Liva”

I want to share with the good folks celebrating Passover this delish dish. A WARNING = it’s soooo good that you might want to eat the entire portion without sharing, but that’s not what this holiday is about.  My friend sent me a text that sums it up: “It’s a time to organize the drawers of your heart and Spirit to get rid of all the things that got sour. Rise above your difficulties and open your soul to bloom again”. When you want to eat this, close your eyes and open your mind and take a taste and then another and another. I’m sure your soul and your Spirit will rejoice.


6 TBSP  Vegetable Oil

3 ONIONS chopped

1  3/4 cups frozen EDAMAME



3 (peeled) Hard Boiled EGGS

Salt and Pepper to taste


Heat the oil at MED heat, when all silky, add Chopped ONIONS (my son, the Chef, said to always put a little Kosher Salt to sweat the onions, which brings out their sweetness.  Cook until soft, add EDAMAME, GREEN BEANS, Salt and Pepper. Continue to cook until the Green Beans and Edamame are not so green anymore.

I let the ONION mixture and Hard Boiled EGGS cool a bit and then put in FOOD PROCESSOR, add WALNUTS and mix until it looks like a rough paste. Add a little oil if it looks dry. 

Serve with your favorite Matzo.


THE ideal choice if you’re seeking an ENERGY drink

I didn’t get much sleep last night and so I’m turning to my trusty ORIGINAL Homemade ENERGY drink. I use a VITAMIX to make this, but there is similar equipment out there now, (mine’s ancient -but hasn’t broken down)

So either do this as a cleansing because you’ll have plenty or use up with in 3 days.

To get the most out of this drink, you might say “how much you love this drink” BEFORE you drink it and that you know how nutritious and good it is for you. It really works, especially if you’ve never done this before. You brainwash your tastebuds (and your mind too 🙂

The possibilities are endless, but there are some key ingredients that you should always mix in and I’ll tell you why as we go down the list:

WATER – without it, the result is a very rough puree.  How much will depend on how much you want to make and also how thick you like it. Start with a cup of the best filtered water possible and then add on to thin out or to make the taste milder.

DARK LEAFY GREENS – depends on how much you want to make – I tend to overdo it and then my Mom gets to share with me. I use what’s left in the fridge from the weekend foodstuff unless, there’s nothing left and then I shop fresh – that’s the best. So start small and then add more, also depends on the size of the leaf. These LEAFY GREENS can be:

KALE-any kind and color, COLLARDS, SPINACH, DANDELION Greens, BEET greens, CHARD-any color. NOT all of these, pick one to buy and always change it up. I do always use Spinach with the other greens. ORGANICS for ALL. After ALL, you are not a going to be cheap-out on yourself.

CELERY – inc. tops (again, the amt will depend on your juicer). PARSLEY – I prefer FLAT LEAF – the whole bunch or 1/2, depending on room, because we have some more to add still.

AVOCADO – because you need good fats- I use 1/2 because I eat  OO and other fats throughout the day.

DULSE FLAKES (a SEAWEED product) I get at Whole Foods – a small handful- so good for your THYROID

some sort of veggie type protein: HEMP SEED is good and I prefer the nut vs. the powder, a small handful as well.

LEASA is a brand of Asian products sold in the vegetable section of the Supermarket and they make SNACK SPROUTS – versatile, crunchy and fun to use in many recipes. So use 1/2 the box and save the rest for later use (in a salad or as decoration over HUMMUS-YUMMY).

LEMON – Squeeze it in, GINGER (I peel it) – depending on your tolerance for spicy, put a thumb size piece 1st and then adjust to taste. IF you already run hot as a body type, limit the amt. APPLE with skin and all.

Ask you can see, I like to pack it all in. I drink this during the week as I go to run errands or after workouts and use it as you might use coffee. It may not be a quicker-picker-upper, as you have to wash all the vegs well and put them in the Vitamix, but the ONLY side effects is that you will have a great BM due to cleansing of your intestines. Dis-ease is started in there (gut), it’s a well known fact. When your body doesn’t get enough nutrition, it needs to cleanse. Your body may slow down, you might be getting backed up (you know what I’m talking about!!), your organs will start to malfunction and guess what?? INFLAMMATION will set in. NOW you’ll start getting ACHE S and PAINS, your WEIGHT goes UP!!! Skin coloring changes, WRINKLES appear = signs of Aging. It’s just signs and indications that you need to rebuild and rejuvenate before you become so toxic. You’ll start to take over the counter meds and then a presciption, followed by another to undo the symptoms of the first and the merry-go-round continues.  IF you feel you need to cleanse after reading this paragraph, may I suggest that you do it simply, daily, slowly, it’s the best approach. You’ll feel satisfied and you’ll get relief too. PREVENTION IS THE SECRET. CURING illness may not happen, but preventing it sure works for us.

HYPOCRATES said somehting about Letting food be your Medicine, and I KNOW he was onto something there.

FOODS THAT HEAL. love it, love yourself, you are happy, stay that way TODAY and EVERY DAY.

I got home so late, what can I make?

So what’s in the fridge and hiding in the kitchen cabinets?  That’s what I have to do when I get home way past the planning time and there are no leftovers to re-engineer.  Today was exactly that kind of dinner time moment. So let the adventure begin:

A box of BARILLA PLUS Rotini (Multigrain Pasta)

I found FRESH Broccolini that should be used right away – so let’s just drizzle VOO with garlic (that mix I keep handy) 300F for 5 min. If it’s too crunchy-raw-for you, then leave it in the oven till you’re ready to use.

Some (if you like them, use ’em all that you find)  little PLUM type TOMATOES that I picket at our local ORGANIC farm, where I have a little plot that I bought for the growing season and Chelsea planted what I like the most.  CUT the TOMATOES up in chunks as you like – I did a big dice.

I also picked BASIL that I sliced up.

Warm up the OO & garlic mix at MED in the pan, making sure it get GOLDEN but not burned, add tomatoes & after 2 min the cooked and cut up BROCCOLINI and the BASIL last and sprinkle liberally with BLACK PEPPER and a little bit of  SALT

In the fridge, I found a box of (Sogel) Fresh Cooked MUSSELS w/ Garlic Butter from COSTCO (Optional of course).  Vegans go to next step please. For the rest, pour out TOMATO MIX & put in a casserole with a cover. Use same pan to warm up the MUSSELS – cut bag open & pour in – Please DON’T EVER cook food that comes in a bag in the bag. Take it out and warm it up instead.

Shredded Parmesan (either real & you grated it on the biggest round hole) OR VEGGIE Grated Parmesan Flavor Cheese Alternative – I use it alot. Sprinkle on top after you serve, as you like.


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An April Fool’s recipe. BEET “Ravioli”

Yesterday was April Fool’s Day and my son= my assistant, who is helping me get started with this blog posting (it was my birthday present) well, he April Fooled me.  I typed my heart out on my iPad & when we were getting ready to post it was NOT anywhere (agghhh).  He hit CANCEL instead of save. I was so upset that I couldn’t remember anything I wrote except the recipe & even dinner came out yucky last night. Hate when that happens!! Don’t you??

What I do want to let you know is not to be fooled by YOUR gut, your eyes & your mind (they control your urges to eat. What you eat MAKES a difference to you and in you. Just think about how you feel in the  morning when you get/wake up. Sometimes you have boundless energy, other times your fingers feel swollen, you have puffy eyes, maybe a backache or a headache or you feel as if you didn’t sleep a wink, can’t go to the bathroom and feel bloated or full. These symptoms relate to food/drink that you might have a sensitivity to or an  allergy to it.  No April Fooling here.

this recipe is dairy free & vegetarian-using only animal by-product


GOLDEN/RED BEETS –  I cook them in a little water in the toaster oven, covered for 30 min. or til slightly soft @400F. Then when they are cool to the touch, Peel & Sliced thin (I use a mandolin)

GOAT CHEESE (I purchase it at COSTCO because it’s mild, otherwise you will have to mix with cream cheese – to your liking – if it’s too strong-tasting – I use the TOFUTTI brand of non-dairy Cream like Cheese)

SCALLIONS – some people call them green onions, sliced thin

TRUFFLE OIL – any supermarket will carry this item. It’s pricy but you don’t use much (I have more recipes that you will need it for, so get the smallest can/bottle available)


You’re going to make Oreo Cookie like “RAVIOLI” by using one slice of beets & then smear cheese (or cheese mixture) on it & top it with another slice of beets. Depending on what you purchase beet wise, you can mix & match. Sometimes use one color, or do the bottoms red, smear & the top golden. OR some red ones & others golden. PLAY with it. Once all the raviolis are set on the platter, sprinkle the scallions and drizzle the truffle oil and voila, you’re done.  Serve with a flat utensil.

Please enjoy as an appetizer for your cocktail party or bring to a party to share the dish.


Indian Spice Asian Pear SALAD


ORGANIC WHEN POSSIBLE otherwise clean off with a vegetable wash.

For a Salad – serve atop a plate of greens – your choice, I enjoy WATERCRESS, ARUGULA, BABY SPINACH, etc. For dessert, by itself.

ASIAN PEARS – core and slice thin -they’ll turn brown so spritz a little lemon
AVOCADO – preferably the BIG thin Skin ones – slice as thin as the Asian Pear
but not too thin so they fall apart – the lemon will help the avo stay green as well
PUMPKIN SEEDS – TOAST either in the oven/toaster oven/ on top of stove in a pan til they POP. The Toaster Oven is easy, while you’re slicing the other ingredients they can toast(BUT you have to remember they’re in there – I have burnt my share of nuts).
GARAM MASALA = a blend of sweet and hot spices
1 stick of CINNAMON
1/2 c. SUGAR (raw, unprocessed if you like)
pc. of GINGER – the size of your thumb – if you like it spicier next time put more
2 tsp. of CARDAMOM PODS & CORIANDER SEEDS lightly crushed(pestle and mortar if you have or a kitchen hammer for tenderizing?)
10 whole BLACK PEPPERCORNS slightly crushed
1/4 tsp. dried hot RED PEPPER FLAKES
Put 2 c. WATER in a small pot with all the ingredients and boil and then lower to simmer for 15 min. Remove from heat and let steep. Strain and reserve the fragrant herbs and spices, then put the syrup in a bottle to cool and serve on top of this magnificent dish and then serve the Pumpkin Seeds on the side for your fellow diners to sprinkle on top. *I put them back into the jar with whatever syrup is left over and refrigerate to use later*


Most people would not think to use some of these ingredients raw. As your body is 70% water & so is the brain, many of these vegetables contain a lot of water which carries the rich vitamins & minerals from the earth to your plate. Color is important in making any dish more pleasing to the eye & thus you would be more likely to choose this recipe. You can enjoy the benefits as well as the fact that it taste delicious.

Depending on the amount of guests you’ll be feeding, please adjust how much you put in. I tend to overdo & make so much that we eat for a couple of meals(HAHAHA). Has that happened to you? I get in a happy mood & chop too much – the good part about the BEA-LICIOUS ASIAN SALAD is that you can use the left overs to make a STIR FRY & add the protein then. As you notice I serve the dressing & the crunchy cashews separately, so nothing gets soggy & keeps well in the fridge. I also use what’s available fresh in the stores. We live in Fla. so we do get quite a variety all year of almost everything.

to start with a clean surface & ALL the vegetables to be washed well

Baby Bok Choy/Regular Bok Choy/ or tiny Bok Choy – Chop small enough that it doesn’t hang out of your mouth when you take a forkful (if you know what I mean?)
Fresh Corn – Shuck (reserve the cobs for a soup
Napa/regular Green=White Cabbage/Savoy – chop coarsely
Red Cabbage – chop coarsely (this gives it a beautiful splash of color)
Carrots – slice thin (use Food Processor or any pc. of equipment that would slice thin)

Scallions/Fla. Sweet Onion – any of the ones that are bulbs with green tops. – slice thin

Put all the ingredients in a big wide bowl & cover with a parchment sheet or wax paper & refrigerate – to keep crunchy

Soy Sauce & Rice Wine Vinegar = same amt. (depends on amt of salad- 1/4 c. ea. or more)
Sesame Oil (1/2 as much as the Soy & Vinegar- ie:1/4c)
Sweetener – Agave works great – start with a TBSP & taste & add – I use Raw  Sugar or
but it doesn’t seem to dissolve so well. You can try Xylotol
White Pepper – sprinkle a touch-you can always add more
Ginger – 1″ peeled
Cilantro- a handful (optional-but it makes it really tasty)
I have squeezed an orange into this mix too

I put all the ingredients in the BULLET (or similar type blender) & let it spin. Taste & adjust ingredients to YOUR liking. When done, put in a nice bottle to serve on the side-shake well before use.

TOAST a handful of RAW CASHEWS & when they are cool, crack them with the bottom of a bottle & put in a serving bowl.

Now get some friends or family or sit down with a good book & munch away.