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THE ideal choice if you’re seeking an ENERGY drink

I didn’t get much sleep last night and so I’m turning to my trusty ORIGINAL Homemade ENERGY drink. I use a VITAMIX to make this, but there is similar equipment out there now, (mine’s ancient -but hasn’t broken down)

So either do this as a cleansing because you’ll have plenty or use up with in 3 days.

To get the most out of this drink, you might say “how much you love this drink” BEFORE you drink it and that you know how nutritious and good it is for you. It really works, especially if you’ve never done this before. You brainwash your tastebuds (and your mind too 🙂

The possibilities are endless, but there are some key ingredients that you should always mix in and I’ll tell you why as we go down the list:

WATER – without it, the result is a very rough puree.  How much will depend on how much you want to make and also how thick you like it. Start with a cup of the best filtered water possible and then add on to thin out or to make the taste milder.

DARK LEAFY GREENS – depends on how much you want to make – I tend to overdo it and then my Mom gets to share with me. I use what’s left in the fridge from the weekend foodstuff unless, there’s nothing left and then I shop fresh – that’s the best. So start small and then add more, also depends on the size of the leaf. These LEAFY GREENS can be:

KALE-any kind and color, COLLARDS, SPINACH, DANDELION Greens, BEET greens, CHARD-any color. NOT all of these, pick one to buy and always change it up. I do always use Spinach with the other greens. ORGANICS for ALL. After ALL, you are not a going to be cheap-out on yourself.

CELERY – inc. tops (again, the amt will depend on your juicer). PARSLEY – I prefer FLAT LEAF – the whole bunch or 1/2, depending on room, because we have some more to add still.

AVOCADO – because you need good fats- I use 1/2 because I eat  OO and other fats throughout the day.

DULSE FLAKES (a SEAWEED product) I get at Whole Foods – a small handful- so good for your THYROID

some sort of veggie type protein: HEMP SEED is good and I prefer the nut vs. the powder, a small handful as well.

LEASA is a brand of Asian products sold in the vegetable section of the Supermarket and they make SNACK SPROUTS – versatile, crunchy and fun to use in many recipes. So use 1/2 the box and save the rest for later use (in a salad or as decoration over HUMMUS-YUMMY).

LEMON – Squeeze it in, GINGER (I peel it) – depending on your tolerance for spicy, put a thumb size piece 1st and then adjust to taste. IF you already run hot as a body type, limit the amt. APPLE with skin and all.

Ask you can see, I like to pack it all in. I drink this during the week as I go to run errands or after workouts and use it as you might use coffee. It may not be a quicker-picker-upper, as you have to wash all the vegs well and put them in the Vitamix, but the ONLY side effects is that you will have a great BM due to cleansing of your intestines. Dis-ease is started in there (gut), it’s a well known fact. When your body doesn’t get enough nutrition, it needs to cleanse. Your body may slow down, you might be getting backed up (you know what I’m talking about!!), your organs will start to malfunction and guess what?? INFLAMMATION will set in. NOW you’ll start getting ACHE S and PAINS, your WEIGHT goes UP!!! Skin coloring changes, WRINKLES appear = signs of Aging. It’s just signs and indications that you need to rebuild and rejuvenate before you become so toxic. You’ll start to take over the counter meds and then a presciption, followed by another to undo the symptoms of the first and the merry-go-round continues.  IF you feel you need to cleanse after reading this paragraph, may I suggest that you do it simply, daily, slowly, it’s the best approach. You’ll feel satisfied and you’ll get relief too. PREVENTION IS THE SECRET. CURING illness may not happen, but preventing it sure works for us.

HYPOCRATES said somehting about Letting food be your Medicine, and I KNOW he was onto something there.

FOODS THAT HEAL. love it, love yourself, you are happy, stay that way TODAY and EVERY DAY.