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Now back to Reality in Las Vegas

Here for a Family Business Conference. So while the TEAM is attending different presentations, I am left to explore. Haven’t gotten hooked up with any Yoga yet, but I’m not givin’ up (listenin’ to country music ;). Got my nails done and got a demo of a product that’s like a colored talc that covers the gray and went on the hunt for an Organic Veg. lunch which lead me to Kathy, the Bell Cap’t at the Riviera, who suggested that Trader Joe’s was easier to get to. I also discovered a wonderfully organized Used Books store that had some exciting books on Food and Health.
I did find some goodies and the pictures will show the result of my finds.

For the SALAD, I bought:
Org. Spinach
Edamame Hummus
0% Oikos Yogurt

I had these ingredients:
Apple -1 chopped it up (with the skin of course)
Sundried Tomatoes in Oil – cut them up w/a scissor
Salted Almonds – crushed them with the tomatoes jar

In a small bowl (the one I used to eat the salad) I mixed some of the HUMMUS, OIL from the jar of Tomatoes, YOGURT – as my dressing. Mix in the Spinach to coat it and add all the other nourishing items sprinkling the Almonds on last, and just love it as you take bite after bite.

I had a partial loaf of a Cranberry and Macadamia Nut loaf that I thin sliced 2 pieces and topped with e SOY-SATION Shredded 3 “cheese” blend and put under the broiler til browned. YUMMM

And all this at the beautiful Hilton Grand Vacation Club PH Suite. Can it get any better than this? It’s close to 100F outside so I’m inside working and staying cool.


BLOG BITES. What is this? It’s a Momelet

Lots of food left over in our PH Suite at the Hilton Grand Vacation in Vegas. So what to do, hmmm? Let’s see what’s in the fridge…

ORG. Eggs
Org. Baby Spinach (raw in a bag/box)
Sundried Tomatoes in OO
Soy-Sation “Cheese” Alternative
Cranberry Macadamia Nut Artesian Bread – fresh from a bakery (any flavor YOU like can be used)

Wet the Spinach, throw it in the fry pan on Med-High, cover to steam for a couple of min. til wilted Cut up the Sundried Tomatoes – a scissor works best.
Take Spinach off the pan-place on 1 of the plates you’ll use to eat.
Put Sundried Tomatoes in pan with a little of their oil to crisp up, maybe 3 min.
Put in 3 eggs (for 2 people) and stir up til almost cooked to your liking, add Spinach back in to incorporate. Now that it’s done, sprinkle the Soy “cheese”, cover and turn off. Let it’s own heat melt it and in a few minutes when you take the cover off, it will have fluffed up just like an omelet.
While you wait, slice the bread and toast it nicely, then drizzle some of OO from the Sundried Tomatoes on the toast. Now portion the Momelet on and savor the flavors without any condiments 😉

*Blog Bites- because there was only 1 bite left before I realized I forgot to take a picture for this. It really was superb and looked a lot better in it’s entirety.

*Momelet = Mom’s Omelet (lol?)