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On the Road to….

Enhancing my Spiritual side in Sedona with our Spirit Journey guide and long time friend, Satori. We’ve known each other for 15+yrs. as she goes with the flow and I go on my path. She took us hiking, climbing, did energy healings, introduced us to some “Amazing Spirits”, such as the famous American Indian flute player, Mockingbird and an equally well known Stained Glass artist, James. Satori made a fab vegan lunch – recipe to follow. The hikes lead us to SPECTACULAR views.

The food for breakfast that we consumed to give us the most energy for our hike was a really devine


I washed and then baked it in a Toaster Oven (this red skin potato) at 450F 45 min.
Took it out to cool for a few minutes, split it and added the OO

now it’s your turn to ENJOY :-)I

Satori also made baked Sweet Potatoes (the Orange skin and Flesh ones that everyone enjoys)

but she had these Korean Rice Balls as well. This is the way I made them. The products I used:

PURPLE STICKY RICE or regular STICKY rice – cook according to directions on the package

TOAST NORI PAPER-cut in little pieces with a scissor

SESAME SEEDS- toast too- you can put them in a dry pan, med fire BUT keep your eyes on it

When the rice cools down a little, make the balls mixing in the Nori, then roll them in Sesame Seeds

Use like a Ponzu Sauce for dipping. ENJOY now.

it is said that your friends love you even though they know you – that’s quite special



Vegetarian Spinach Cakes

So, it’s not that I haven’t been preparing, cooking nor eating this past week. But I will tell you that blogging is like exercising for me. You have to get used to making time for it and you HAVE to practice writing the blog posts. So, I commit to you and me, that I will be more diligent and focused. For Easter we went out but I made some really good Spinach “cakes”. They’re more like a “burger” or pattie than a “cake”. So this is what you need to make these tasty morsels:

2 lbs. fresh SPINACH – I get the 1 lb. Organic box at COSTCO – the most cost effective
1 med. ONION – minced- I use a gadget for this
2 EGGS beaten
2 TBSP GARLIC minced
1/2 a WHITE SWEET POTATO (red skinned and big)- mashed and cooled(I had this from breakfast the day before. Use what you find in your kitchen)
4 oz. VEGGIE GRATED Parmesan FLAVOR Cheese Alternative – from the Produce area
1 tspn fresh ROSEMARY minced
1/2 cup fresh breadcrumbs ,plus for dredging- I don’t buy bread(I just bring it home when we eat bc they’re supposed to throw it away) I freeze it to use for this purpose. Just toast up really crunchy and cool before putting in Cuisinart to make the crumbs
S and P to taste

This is what you have to do:

OVEN @ 350F

Combine all ingredients and form into patties, dredge in additional breadcrumbs and sautee in small amt. of OO. When completed put on a cookie sheet in oven for 20 min. Until hot inside. I served it with beautiful Florida avocado slices. Or you can use a LITTLE BIT of homemade tomato sauce.
We picked the tomatoes fresh and Organic from the Farm.